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What we do

Regardless of your need, be it installing a new or used air compressor or repairs to an existing unit, we are ready to help. We design your system in a way that delivers the most compressed air with minimal pressure drop. We make use of durable piping materials, and are mindful of future expansion plans and budget. Our services include:

  • Piping materials like malleable black, copper, aluminum mechanical and electrical air compressor installation.

  • Plant room, system design and drawing service hot air ducting design, manufacture & installation.

Piping installations

Aluminum Compressed air piping is equally as important to your air system as the compressor itself. Without a proper piping system, you can’t efficiently deliver the air from your compressor to the point of use. Short of running hoses from your compressor, you’ll need some form of rigid piping to properly deliver your compressed air to where you need it most.

install and piping 2.jpeg

Air energy audit

Let's save you money! Having an air energy audit will outline any waste or low performance in your piping system. We can guarantee that performing an audit and updating the necessary changes will save you massive amounts on your operating cost.  Give us a shout for a completely free quote!

Repair and service .jpeg

Compressor & dryer Install

We stock and carry a wide variety of compressors and dryers.  Regardless of the industry you're in, we will have the machinery and parts you need and will be able to install it on-site, no matter how difficult it is to do.



the total air difference

Whether you’re in need of a whole new air compressor piping system in the GTA and surrounding areas or want to modify the existing one, or need repairs for a broken section of pipe, our technicians can get the job done professionally. If you simply need to connect a piece of equipment with a restricted piping system, rely on us.

At Total Air Compressor Systems, the most common form of piping we utilize is black malleable, due to the cost, strength and availability. We also install industrial air compressors using other products such as copper pipe, galvanized pipe and coated aluminum. No matter what you’re looking for, we can take your compressed air line installations from concept to completion.

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