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Preventative maintenance 

no-nonsense Maintenance

No packages
no upsells
no fluff


Whether you have a small piston compressor or a more complex system with multiple screw compressors and air dryers, we have the skill and ability to provide any service that you need. With our NO OBLIGATION service plans, we work with you to keep your air compressor parts working at its best.

Why sign a service contract that often offers no benefit to you? Our service plans are tailored to your needs. In case your business picks up or slows down, we adjust the on-site service to ensure your equipment isn’t being under-serviced or over-serviced.

  • Replace oil filter element 

  • Tightening electrical connections 

  • Inspecting air filter element 

  • Complete oil change

  • Tightening & replacing belts 

  • Inspecting electrical components

  • Cleaning after cooler

  • Greasing motor & seals

  • Refrigerated air dryers 

  • Blowing the exchanger 

  • Checking the dewpoint

our maintenance services

let's build something
tailored to fit exactly what you need

what's the deal with maintenance?

limit shutdowns.
save money on massive repairs. 
increase performance.
enough said?


  • Minimizes or eliminates the risk of downtime

  • Enhances the profitable up-time & efficiency

  • Optimizes the compressor to perform smoothly

  • Reduces the faults and unnecessary repairs

  • Prevents loss and depreciation of investment

  • Reduces power consumption & utility bills

call to schedule your maintenance or free quote

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